The Judges

Matt Stuart

Matt Stuart is one of Britain’s leading street photographers and a member of the established In-Public photography collective.

Matt Stuart’s website.


Eric Kim

Eric Kim is a positive force in the world of street photography with a huge following on his ever-popular website. Based in Los Angeles, Eric studied Sociology and combined it with his passion for photography to make statements about society through street photography.

“When I started street photography, I had a difficult time finding anything on the internet on the approach of street photography. I had questions in my mind like: How do I take a photograph of a stranger without his/her permission and not get punched in the face? What should I be looking for when shooting on the streets? What makes a great street photograph?”


Eric Kim’s website.

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Jamie Furlong and Matt Obrey are co-ordinating the competition and will be assisting in the shortlisting of the entries.


Matt Obrey

Matt Obrey is an up-and-coming street photographer with an impresive portfolio behind his name, built in a short space of time. He was recently invited to join the international Revised Media photography collective and was profiled on Eric Kim’s website.


Jamie Furlong

Jamie Furlong is a travel photographer based in India with an interest in street. He’s a featured artist at Urban Picnic, has pulled in a number of awards this year alone and recently won the monthly Guardian Been There Photography Competition.






Street photographs are mirror images of society, displaying "unmanipulated" scenes, with usually unaware subjects.