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Siegfried Hansen

Untitled by Siegfried Hansen

2007 visit to London.. I was just starting my street photo tour and I was sitting in a McDonald’s restaurant. I drank my coffee and looked outside of the window. I saw the advertisement in the left side of the picture that inspired me, because I saw immediately the white points of the windows and quickly I decided to wait for the constellation that three or four people have the white point on there shoulder. Luck was, that on the other side was a subway station and many people came outside. So I just sat there in front of the window and drank my coffee and waited for the right timing.


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Street photographs are mirror images of society, displaying "unmanipulated" scenes, with usually unaware subjects.




  1. November 7, 2012  12:37 pm by Jamie Furlong

    This is truly inspired! Just love that bus-stop reference point.

  2. November 15, 2012  12:29 am by Fernando Pires Coelho

    Indeed...amazing synced effect.

  3. November 26, 2012  6:39 pm by Francesca Fascione

    Incredible scene! compliments.

  4. December 16, 2012  11:00 pm by Laura Fitzpatrick

    very well timed.

  5. April 4, 2013  7:47 pm by Diego

    Amazing, how long did you take to drink your coffe?I think having four people in the same moment head covered by the circles It could take 1 hour(with the eye kept in the viewfinder)!

  6. April 5, 2013  9:40 pm by maurobbianc

    excellent timing. Brilliant shot

  7. April 6, 2013  8:52 pm by patrick moran

    Great photo this one :)

  8. May 14, 2013  10:58 pm by colintempleton

    I love it - the composition and timing are exquisite.

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