September 2013


esfinges 02 19 12 2010

Catching Up by Nima Taradji

We see a lot of ‘reflections in windows’ at UPSP but this one stands out as a masterpiece. Of course the central character on the phone is beautifully lit and her expression captured thoroughly engaging, but that look from the passer-by really tops this shot off. The inclusion of the ketchup bottle is a nice touch and complements the red and white beacon in the background. Like I said, a masterpiece.”

-Jamie Furlong


 esfinges 02 19 12 2010

Egyptian Museum by

I don’t exactly know why I like this shot, maybe because it’s different to the normal shots we see. I like the idea of the location, the pose of the woman and her concentrated reading, it’s original. The subject makes me think of ancient Egyptian mummies and then you see her arm in a cast, a little obscure and makes you wonder what happened? A story in itself. Interesting light, colour and compostition.”

-Rob Hill


 esfinges 02 19 12 2010

Big Ball by Jack Simon

What can I say? It’s a massive beach ball on the back of a pick up. A great photo opportunity to say the least. What I like though is how Jack has used his immediate surroundings, his chosen angle and incorporated them into the image in such a way, creating an even more interesting shot. There is colour association here along with ambiguity, paired with intrigue as the guy seems to be holding what looks like a knife.”

-Matt Obrey



esfinges 02 19 12 2010

der Kuss by minerva

Der Kuss by Minerva is a very simple image with a very complex story. The juxtaposition of the scene where the image is set, with the intimate moment shared by the subjects is what draws me into the image. The cracks on the walls and the dirt in the basin, the fact that it looks as if someone has broken a hole in the wall to catch the two in their intimate moment, the toilet, and the drab pattern on the floor tiles. Then the stolen moment of an intimate kiss works to balance the whole story of the strange moment. All these things combine to some sort of strange harmony. Wonderful shot!”

-Tristan Parker


  esfinges 02 19 12 2010

Leaving Japan by Jack Simon

Impressive. I really like the plans mixed by the reflex, lines and tones that compose this photo. It has an almost magical side. The title is perfect when looking at the detail of the plane and the person who climbs the stairs.”

-Fabio Costa

*Most ‘likes’ by UPSP Communtity



 esfinges 02 19 12 2010

Buenos Aires by Maria Plotnikova

The image by Maria intrigues me very much. There is poetry, emotion in this picture; but at the same time it tells a story. It makes me wonder ‘where she’s going ?…’. The light is magnificent and shows a single detail (lips) which alone make the entire photo. The use of color is great and it immediately evokes to me the work of the great Saul Leiter.”

   -Emilio Barillaro



September 2013   street photography

The Ostrich by Mary Cimetta

I must say that it was a difficult choice , as you can see from the featured in September. I had a great time flicking through all of them. Obviously some hit me more than others . I chose this one because it appeals to my own taste, I love the game between “a body here and a head there.”

-Vasco Leão

Street photographs are mirror images of society, displaying "unmanipulated" scenes, with usually unaware subjects.


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