December 2012

The Bros by Gabi Ben Avraham

The Bros. by Gabi Ben Avraham

Street photography is open to interpretation but one ‘rule’ people often cite is to avoid street performers. With this in mind, and the fact there’s the back of the child that breaks another rule, I was hesitant to select Gabi’s piece. Despite this, Gabi’s image is one of the most striking photographs from December’s uploads at (that’s where you go to enter our competition). There’s something nostalgic about this and, were it not for the clothes and graffiti, you could have convinced me this was taken sixty years ago. The woman is incredibly striking, her pose unforgettable, and with the strangely-named shop and distracted kids this takes on a surreal quality, reminding me of work by Bill Brandt or Ralph Eugene Meatyard. This is street photography without the shadows, light and juxtapositions, simply surreal and intriguing.”

-Jamie Furlong



Man on the Train by Hector Isaac

Man on the Train by Hector Isaac

I really like the power of this simple image. Despair, confusion or is he just asleep? I like the creases in the seat, implying someone just left opening up the question as to why the man maybe suffering”.

-Matt Obrey



The Wrong Way by Mario Mencacci

I love the simplicity and design elements in this picture by Mario, less is defintely more here. Yet the slightly blurred umbrella creates lines, matching the background stripes and the angle of the railing. Luck or judgement, it’s a perfect detail. The final element of opposites make this work on many levels. Also a popular choice by others on UPSP.”

-Rob Hill

Street photographs are mirror images of society, displaying "unmanipulated" scenes, with usually unaware subjects.


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